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You’ve got your website. Great!

But it’s important that your site is found.

Own the market with Infoswell’s local SEO services. We blend a custom program, unprecedented expertise and specialized technology to build these local SEO plans that get your site in front of your prospects.

Let us help you market your brand in your local area.


Three plans. What plan is right for you?

We have put together three packages that are designed to build on each other. Take a look at them, and let’s figure out what the right one is for you.

Don’t see exactly what you want or need? No problem, let’s figure that out together, and we can put something together for you that works for your local SEO needs.

Local SEO
Social Media Management
Blog Development

Local SEO

We will design, build, and run a local search campaign. This will include the setup and optimization of your Google Business Profile, working on your site to improve local on-page SEO, and work on local link building for your site and citations for your Google presence.

Google Business Profile

  • Establish your Google Business Profile
  • Optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Manage your Google Business Profile
  • Build and manage your citations
  • Help build and manage your reviews

More Services

  • Initial Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Call Tracking

Local SEO + Social Media

Take all the things we’re going to do for the Local SEO plan and add Social Media Management.

We will setup, brand and optimize up to 4 different social media entities. Once they are all setup, we will post once a week to those accounts, keeping them fresh and relevant. We will work with you to schedule promotions and specials, timely information or promote new products or services.

Social Media Accounts

  • Establish up to 4 accounts
  • Setup branding & optimize
  • Promote accounts from website
  • Post to each account once a week

More Services

  • Create a strategy
  • Reach reporting
  • Boost options
  • Story options

Local SEO + Social Media + Blog Management

Take the Local SEO plan and add Social Media Management Plan, and add Blog Management.

We will build 1 blog post every week. We will take your content and photos and craft a beautiful page built around a promotion, timely information or talk about new products or a service you offer, perhaps we use this to showcase your work or highlight a client you have done things for. We will work with you to build these posts around some of the keywords that we are targeting based on our keyword analysis. Once the blog post is published, we will post to your social media accounts to promote that blog post.

Adding this blog content and using the social media backlinks is a huge SEO value to your site.


See what plan is best for you.  Do you need something custom?  Let us know and we can build something that fits better.


Local SEO

Everything listed in the Local SEO plan



Local SEO

+ Social Media

Everything listed in the Local SEO plan + the Social Media plan



Local SEO + Social Media

+ Blog

Everything listed in Local SEO + Social Media + Blog Management plan



Need a Custom Plan?

Let us know and we can build something that fits your need.