Where Will this Bridge Lead?

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Distinctive Lines

The Princess 60 is a vessel that provides pleasure to the helmsman whose sleek lines hide a large amount of housing. It has three cabins with ensuite bathroom, a main deck and many wide open spaces to enjoy relaxation, conversation between friends or pleasure of the walk.


The main living area is beautifully designed and decorated, bright and airy thanks to large windows wrap through which the sun penetrates freely. The layout of the U-shaped sofa, coffee table and sofa opposite was chosen to invite the convivial meetings, a separate dining area is housed elsewhere.

  1.  Two sun beds are provided in addition to the spacious deck
  2. The aft cabin option, also with ensuite bathroom, has two berths for crew or visiting guests.
  3. Yacht designed and built with extreme attention

On the same deck there is the fully equipped kitchen, fridge / freezer and a large dishwasher, all of which can be separated from the living room by a sliding glass partition.

Yacht Specifications Overview

Model Azimut Princess (above) Princess
Year 2007 2003 2006
Engine 2 x 1360 hp 2 x 865 hp 2 x 500 hp
Cabins 3 4 2
Price $ 4.000 / day $ 3.800 / day $ 3.500 / day


Yacht designed and built with extreme attention, the Princess 60 combines exceptional resistance to sea water cruising opportunities and facilities to accommodate family and friends.

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