Trestles Specs Homepage: options include main and sub navigation, content rotator, recent sections (Article, Post, Comment, Blogs, etc), upcoming events section, advertising zones, multimedia section and press release section.

Navigation Menu/Taxonomy: includes population of navigation menu and taxonomy structure.

Internal Pages: includes setup of up to 20 internal pages in this package (you can add more later). These will be used for pages such as about, contact, advertise, subscribe (does not include eCommerce capabilities), privacy policy, terms & conditions, etc. Options include categorization of posts or pages, SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL’s, social networking links, commenting, and tags.

Newsletter Signup Page: includes setup and integration with 3rd party newsletter service.

Social Media: includes setup of Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as branded YouTube and Twitter accounts. Also includes graphic additions to website.

Search: includes standard Wordpress search functionality.

Ad Manager: includes setup of Google Ad Manager or OpenX.

Analytics: includes setup of Google Analytics.

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