Publisher’s Web Team

The publisher’s web team was created to further assist the provided training with some practical “hands on” support. What happened from there is that many publishers found that a team like ours is very convenient to have around. We offer a variety of services and will custom tailor a PWT package to your specific needs. Here is a list of options to choose from.


  • Website hosting on one of our high-speed servers with weekly backups
  • Software Monitoring & Software Upgrade Notifications

Content Entry/SEO

  • Basic Content Entry & SEO
  • Advanced Content Entry & SEO
  • Image Wrangling - for enhanced presentation of articles
  • Specific Article Promotion
  • RSS Feeds
  • Sitemaps


Social Media

  • Community site updates
  • Facebook updates
  • Twitter updates
  • LinkedIn updates
  • YouTube Channel
  • Conversation Starters – seeding comments to articles to help get the interaction going


Issue Promotion

  • Issue Preview Video
  • eNewsletter Management (i.e. for issue delivery notification, standard newsletter, advertiser marketing newsletter, etc.)
  • Ad campaign per issue - “Subscribe Now” or “Trial Issue” creative
  • Advertising graphic assets page - “As Seen In” or “Featured In” creative
  • Press Release


Other Platforms


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