Who We Are

Infoswell Media Inc. is a privately funded corporation committed to providing profitable online solutions to magazine publishers. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of magazines, providing profitable web solutions. With our extensive experience we have refined our best practices for magazine publishers focusing on three key elements.


  • Providing profitable tools for magazine publishers has always been one of our main goals. Each magazine website CMS incorporates multiple revenue generating opportunities. As the abilities of the platform increase so do the opportunities for revenue.


  • We configure magazine websites that allow publishers to leverage and extend their content. We utilize modern tools which enable you to maximize your valuable content for search engine optimization. We position and design for social community growth, interaction, resource, utility, usability, and value.


  • Magazine website design requires an understanding of the niche, position, and objective of the publisher's online strategy. Every web visitor has a different need, a different goal, and different view. The website design must properly demonstrate the brand to both reader and advertiser. A pleasurable and satisfying experience that is also powerful enough to produce a desired action.

Why We Do What We Do

People want information that is convenient for their lifestyle. We provide the technology, the systems, the designs, and the service to insure your information is published into the many channels required to truly own your magazine publishing niche.

The magazine is the most powerful cross media branding tool available today. The modern magazine brand is the personal and relatable core of a complete array of media formats including print, web, video, audio, and community. In a world where rapid fragmentation is occurring within traditional media channels, it is comforting to know that people understand magazines.

People, not technology, drive our innovations. We design publications, build websites, and do the thousands of other things you didn't know were occurring that give your reader everything they need to return again, and again, and again.

Welcome to a personalized digital world.